App Q&A

Frequently Asked Questions

Q01. Can I play the app without buying any cards?
A01. Yes.
But it's a lot more interesting when buying and scanning cards.
Q02. Are there any fees charged while using this app?
A02. No. There aren't any fees to worry about.
Q03. Can I log in to the same account on a different device?
A03. Yes.
But you can't be logged in to more than one device at the same time. If you try to log in to multiple devices simultaneously, an error will occur.
Q04. How exactly do I scan a card?
A04. The scanning method differs for each device.
For details, check the "How to scan cards" page.
Q05. Some card data that I scanned was deleted from the app. What causes that?
A05. If a different user scans a card that was already scanned, that card data will be transferred to the last user to scan it. Check if someone else scanned the card data you already scanned.
Q06. I get disconnected a lot during random and friend battles. Is there a way to fix that?
A06. Check your network connection.
If you're somewhere with poor connection, you may get disconnected frequently. Playing in an environment with stable Wi-Fi connection could improve the situation.
Q07. I forgot my login ID/password. What should I do?
A07. Select the “I forgot my password” button on the Login screen. A temporary password will be issued for the login ID created at the time of registration.
Q08. How do I back up or transfer my data?
A08. All data is saved on the server.
So even if the app gets deleted, if you have your login ID and password, you can still log in to all versions of the app, including Android, iOS, and Windows versions.
Q09. An error occurs when I try to log in to the Windows version of the app. What causes that?
A09. There might be a problem with your network connection at home. For details, check the "How to play the Windows version" page, available at a later date.
Q10. How do I get Dragon Balls in the app?
A10. Every week a Dragon Ball will be implemented into a real card. When scanning that card, there's a fixed probability that you'll obtain the Dragon Ball. To see which cards have a Dragon Ball embedded, check the cards displayed in "Dragon Radar Info" under "Card Menu." Dragon Balls are also found in real cards that were already scanned.
* Dragon Radar Info is updated every Sunday at about 12:00 am.
Q11. What happens if I collect seven Dragon Balls?
A11. You will receive 100 Spirit Bombs.

Battles and Friends

Q01. What should I do when I can't find anyone to have a random battle with?
A01. If the "Finding opponent..." message is displayed for a long time, try disconnecting and then connecting again.
Q02. Do location info and GPS functions have anything to do with matching?
A02. No, they don't.
Q03. How do I register a friend?
A03. Go to the "Friends" category and select "Register Friend," then enter the friend code.
Q04. How do I play a Friend Battle?
A04. Select "Friend Battle," then select a friend you want to battle. If the selected friend is online, matching will occur, and the battle will begin. If a battle does not begin, one of you may be offline, or may have connection issues.
Q05. How do I set a Rental Card?
A05. Go to "Friends" > "Card Rental Settings", and set it up from there.
Q06. How many Rental Cards can I set up?
A06. Only one. (Limited to Battle Cards)
Q07. I want to put a Rental Card in my deck. How do I do this?
A07. Go to "Card Menu" and select "Check Deck." Then select the deck you want to add the Rental Card to, and press the "Edit" button in the lower right section. Look at the card list shown at the bottom of the screen, select a card with a "Friend" icon on it, and add it to your deck.


Q01. What's the difference between Rare Capsules and Normal Capsules?
A01. Rare Capsules only have cards of Rare or higher status. Compared to Normal Capsules, the Rarity of cards you get from Rare Capsules is higher.
Q02. Are there any cards you can only get from the app, or any that you can't get from the app?
A02. No, there aren't.
Spirit Bombs and Zeni
Q03. How do I collect Spirit Bombs?
A03. When scanning a product card for the first time, you can acquire a Spirit Bomb as a first-time scan bonus. You can also acquire a Spirit Bomb by collecting seven Dragon Balls.
* However, you can't acquire Spirit Bombs from Tournament Participation Cards, Demo Participation Commemorative Cards, or cards included with magazines. Our apologies in advance.
Q04. How do I save up Zeni?
A04. You can acquire Zeni as a Daily Bonus.
Q05. Is there a limit to the number of Spirit Bombs or Zeni I can hold?
A05. There's no limit, but the maximum number of digits displayed are eight digits for Spirit Bombs and nine digits for Zeni.
Digital Items
Q06. How do I get Digital Items?
A06. You must fulfill certain conditions to acquire each item. To see what the conditions are, go to "Digital Items" and select the item you want.
Q07. Do Digital Items have any effect on strength in battle?
A07. No.
They don't affect your strength in any way. Digital Items only change icons, effects, etc. in a decorative sense. They are unlocked according to the number of battles fought, your number of victories, and other such battle results.

Other Topics

Q01. How do I change my Player Name?
A01. Go to "Options" and select "Player Name" to change it.
Q02. I tried setting a Player Name but it won't register. What should I do?
A02. You may not be able to register a Player Name when using special characters such as emojis or symbols, or when using abusive or otherwise threatening language determined to be inappropriate.
Q03. The app tends to disconnect while I'm using it. What should I do?
A03. Check your network connection. If you're somewhere with poor connection, you may get disconnected frequently. Playing in an environment with stable Wi-Fi connection could improve the situation.
Q04. My data was suddenly erased. What should I do?
A04. All data is saved to the server, so make sure you logged in to the correct account. If your data is still not available, contact us at the following address, with the same email address used for your login ID.
Contact Us
Q05. How can I find out which devices can use the app, and which ones can't?
A05. We will update our Compatible Devices page at a later date.
However, operations are checked at our company only, and there is no guarantee that the app will function perfectly with some devices.
Q06. Do you plan on making the app compatible with more devices in the future?
A06. Not currently, but we will frequently update the Compatible Devices page when confirming successful operation with new devices. This page will be made available at a later date.
Q07. Can I use an account that I used with the beta version?
A07. Yes, but any cards acquired while using the beta version will be reset when playing the commercial release. Only your registered login ID and password will be transferred.